Sump Pumps

A good quality sump pump and battery back-up could possibly be the most critical aspect of keeping a basement or crawl space dry.

In situations where a sump pump has to be used, careful consideration has to be taken. A sump pump typically works off 110 volt A.C. power. The worst water problems occur when it rains which typically produce thunderstorms that cause power outages. This is Important because a good quality D.C. battery back-up system will still keep the basement or crawl space dry even through power outages.

In some instances, depending upon exterior grade level height and run off, a positive drain can be installed in the crawl space or basement in order to allow the excessive ground water to drop and drain away from the structure.

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Before and after photos

sump-pump-1 sump-pump-2 sump-pump-3 sump-pump-4