Foundation Repair

Tennessee and Kentucky have clay soils. This soil is constantly moving due to what is called the shrink/swell factor of expansive soils. When expansive soils are saturated with moisture they expand, and when these soils are dry they shrink, like a sponge. Cracks in brick, block, concrete, drywall, tile and paint are common indicators that the soil is expanding and contracting under the foundation of the house or structure.

To repair this problem a hole is dug every 5-7 ft under the foundation of the structure. 1/4 inch thick, 2.5 inch steel pipe and 1/4 inch thick, 3.0 inch steel pipe is then hydraulically driven down until bedrock or load bearing strata is reached. Hydraulic jacks are then installed atop the steel pipe. The foundation is then stabilized or lifted as the structure allows. A steel beam is then spanned across the top pier pipe section and shimmed to permanently support the foundation.

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