Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is a term most have never heard of, although the technology and study of crawl space encapsulation has been around for 20 years or more.

Simply put crawl spaces have water, moisture, condensation, mold, mildew, varmints, bugs, and insects. This rots and ultimately destroys the wooden floor joists, load beams, band joists, and sill plates. Energy costs are also affected by the cold or hot exterior air that is allowed into the crawl space through the vents. The heat and air ducts are adversely affected by the weather. The heat and air unit is required to work harder because in winter cold air coming in is cooling the hot air ducts and vice versa in summer. Studies show that by encapsulating the crawl space and sealing off outside air, energy costs are cut automatically by nearly 20%.

Mold and rot are issues most homeowners never want to have to deal with. Ask yourself this question…why do most houses not have mold and or rot upstairs on the first and second floors? The answer is quite simple. In the building industry we enclose the first and second floors off from the exterior elements with a roof, siding, insulation, and conditioned air. Doing so keeps the relative humidity below fifty percent which means no mold and no rot. That’s what we do when we encapsulate the crawl space. Imagine installing a reverse swimming pool liner in the crawl space across the floors and up the crawlspace walls. Seal off all exterior air and moisture. Your crawl space environment then becomes “one “with your upstairs levels.

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Before and After Photos

crawl-space-encapsulation-before-1 crawl-space-encapsulation-before-2 crawl-space-encapsulation-after-1 crawl-space-encapsulation-after-2